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In the fall of 1836 Ann (Nancy) Craig Mitchell and her second husband, Rev. Stephen Bovell, left their home near Abingdon, Virginia and headed west to Randolph Co., Missouri. Ann kept a diary of this trip which was preserved by her descendants. Ann recorded a detailed list of the towns through which they traveled, allowing us to recreate their route.

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Anne (Craig) Mitchell travel journal 1836

    A transcription of the journal is available at Evermore website - Ann Middleton Craig Mitchell Travel Journey, 1836. It contains references to individuals the family stopped to visit along the way, many of whom were probably from Washington County. Ann described the weather, the condition of the roads, and the hospitality of their hosts when they stopped for the night.

    The journey took two months, including a visit to Ann's daughter Sarah and her husband John Davis in northern Missouri. Ann and Rev. Bovell eventually settled near Huntsville in Randolph County. Ann died less than a year later.